Equine CBD by Bare Roots Trail

  • $135.00

300mg of CBD per container- 35 mg per dose/level scoop-scoop provided(approx 9 servings) 


1000 mg of CBD per container - 35 mg per dose/level scoop provided(approx 30 servings)


2000 mg of CBD per container - 35 mg per dose/level scoop provided.(approx 60 servings)

*All horses are different! Start small with your dose such as 35mg and work your way up until you see relief in your horse. These are only dosing guidelines. Trial and error to find what works for you and your horse to get relief! Also, you don’t have to give CBD every day. You decide what works best for  your horse. Some just use it prior to barrel races, prior to transport or any stressful situation to calm your horse. 

                                       Dosing Guidelines

General Health:    35mg - 70mg per day 

Chronic Pain:        70mg - 200mg per day

Ulcers:                   60mg -100mg per day

Anxiety:                  50mg -80mg per day

Performance:         200mg - 1000mg per day

Equine CBD is a unique CBD product like no other for horses. This is the only Full Spectrum CBD in powder form which can be admintered in endless ways(key word Full Spectrum). Depending on your horses preference you may want to mix the powdered supplement in a syringe with water, put on a treat with molasses, sprinkle on an apple, mix in the feed or put in a capsule. The uses for this amazing product are endless such as for overall general health, chronic pain, inflammation, injury, GI issues such as ulcers, anxiety, nausea, immune system enhancement, muscle relaxant and much more. Recent customer and veterinarian feedback has been amazing! CBD has helped there horses with cushings disease, laminitis, cribbing, allergies, arthritis and hock related lameness. Dosing guidelines are noted on products but always make your own judgement. We will also provide an information guide with your shipment. Please contact us with any questions. Watch a video or two on YouTube on the endocannabinoid system of a horse. You will learn a ton! Please call me with any additional questions on CBD and your horse. 724.229.2680. Knowledge is power and I love to teach!